Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Murky, foggy love.

The grey skies look down at me, embracing me. I feel a great sense of comfort engulfing me, hugging me. I let it carry me. 

I wake up to sounds in my mind, they seem to make me want to cry. But there are no tears coming, that well dried up years ago.

I look around me, anything I can stare at just to avoid your glare. I can feel your eyes burning through my skin so I look up at you. Emptiness is all I feel.

I find you running. Running from me, running from it all. I don't try to stop you. I know you cannot stop someone that doesn't want to stay, that never wants to stay. 

So I walk in a town unfamiliar and strange with a friend I know so well. I lean and she responds. I beg and she responds. I try so hard but her responses douse the fire only for a second. 

An Idea, that is what I fell in love with.  But now I have to let go. 
Is this how it feels to abandon your imagination for reality? Is this how it feels to let go of the false sense of control I have held on to for so long? 
The fire is getting stronger.

The air I breathe is making me choke. I look down at my fingers, my tiny reflection staring back at me through the glittering glass shards decorating my palm. I panic for a second, and then I laugh. Because we are alive in this second. Through it all, we are alive in this second.

And the grey skies are staring down at me again. Opening up to let me in.  I let them carry me.
And so I glide, snug in the arms of the unknown.