Saturday, 6 April 2013

The Villain at the Movies.

I haven't posted in a really long time but every nerve in my body is screaming out and until I type this down it threatens to continue. 
I have been frolicking around this past week. Why? Because it's Spring Break!

Well, I guess I should stop getting too happy now because today is the last day of my only holiday this semester. Sigh!

Anyway, this break I decided to frolic around in the movie theater. Honestly, I go to the theater to hog on the awesome movie theater food (it should have a name, it's a cuisine on its own I think) besides watching a movie. 
Usually, I order nachos with salsa which I refuse to share with anyone (and I know will end up half eaten under my chair), a huge glass of Pepsi and place myself on a seat.
 Now, somehow, I do not know how I end up sitting on the side of a stranger. That is okay with me, I have no problems with silent, mum   (dead) strangers until  I realize that they are breathing.
The movie is about to start and I'm all excited sitting on my seat, stuffing nachos with salsa into my mouth without even looking down ( until a jalapeno accidentally pops into my mouth) and this boy sitting next to me decides to sing along as the opening credits music is going on. So, I laugh to myself because that stops me from breaking the boy's neck. The one man choir, sitting next to me decides to not only sing along but hum to every tune that is being played in the movie (yes, it was a Hindi movie).

This one time, when I was finally having a peaceful 1.5 hours at the movies, the guy next to me decides to open his mouth to breathe. And Oh, the sweet smell of a human mouth shut for the last 1.5 hours. That's why you are supposed to eat popcorn, or nachos or crepe or something.I wanted to sew my nostrils together!!

The worst time I had when I was sitting next to a person who  thought he had bought tickets for two seats. One for each butt cheek I suppose. Or maybe I was leaning on the side opposite to him so much that felt he sad for amount of space I was wasting.

One major dilemma I face sitting next to a stranger is the handle of my seat, which one belongs to me? Once I placed my hand on the handle that I was sharing with my neighbor when he accidentally put his hand on mine. Who do you blame? The interior designer of the theater, the creator of watching a movie in the dark concept or the supposedly innocent creep sitting next to me?

Frustrating! Is this worth the money?
I guess this is why piracy is on the rise...

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